EMCON 2013

EMCON 2013


Greetings From Kerala – God’s Own Country.

EMCON 2013, the 15th annual conference for the Society of Emergency Medicine of India (SEMI) will be held at Vythiri Village from 16th to 20th of November 2013.  

This is the first time that the state of Kerala has been awarded the prestigious honour and privilege to host the annual conference of SEMI, and the members of The Kerala SEMI Chapter, under the able leadership of Dr Venugopal and team, will endeavor to provide a magnificent scientific and visual feast for all the attending delegates. It truly shall be a remarkable, rich and memorable conference in all aspects. We aspire that the conference will be a new dawn in the history of emergency medicine in Kerala, as well as the whole of India, helping to plant the seeds for future budding emergency physicians and spreading the message of emergency medicine far and wide.

EMCON 2013 aims to bring together national and international personalities from around the globe - the true leaders in the field, whose passion and fervour drives the development of emergency medicine, the fastest growing specialty of medicine in the world. Such eminent faculty will share the same platform to discourse, discuss and debate on the various aspects and latest trends of Emergency Medicine. Together Let us strive to answer the burning questions of today in emergency medicine, to find solutions to the challenges we face as emergency physicians, arm ourselves with knowledge from the pioneers in the field, and ultimately to bridge the gap to patient care.

Emergency physicians, residents, paramedics as well as physicians and surgeons from all walks of medicine will be enriched by the scientific workshops, plenary sessions, resident to resident discussions, presentations in oral and poster formats, as well as panel discussions.

The theme for the conference – “Caring People, Bridging Gap” arises from the need of the hour. India is a rich, democratic, culturally diverse and exponentially expanding country. But even today the vast majority of people unfortunately do not receive quality emergency medical care – be it pre hospital or in hospital. This stems from the lack of properly trained doctors and paramedical staffs, and lack of coordinated emergency medical services throughout the country. The Society of Emergency Medicine of India (SEMI) has taken huge strides in helping emergency medicine grow as a specialty of medicine focused on this need of the people. The various training programs, conferences and courses run all over India are providing the Caring People who are helping to Bridge the Gap. EMCON 2013 aims to take it to the next level in evolution of emergency medicine, advocating for newer ideas and measures to ensure that all citizens of India are able to exercise their right to quality emergency care.

The Venue for the conference is at Vythiri Village - a Luxury resort in Wayanad, 66 KM away from Kozhikode. The Coastal city of Kozhikode (or Calicut) has witnessed a boom in emergency medicine and quality emergency medical care and will be proud hosts for a conference of such magnificence. Now it is truly the City of ANGELS. Calicut is well known  for its warm hospitality, amazing cuisine, serene beaches, historic sites and fabulous tourist spots.

So Block Your Dates!!  Come, Join us in this extravaganza that will mesmerize and enrich you and will forever be treasured in your memory.

EMCON 2013